"Courage, dear heart."
--C.S. Lewis

Georgina | Dachshund

She grew up way too fast. 


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One Direction - You and I fragrance backstage video

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Who you came from the stars NG scenes 1 /  the way Do min joon relaxed his mouth muscles

Let’s stare deep at each other.

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"the more I realize that humans lack good mirrors. It as so hard for any one to show us how we look, and so hard for us to show anyone how we feel."

-Paper Towns
Manic Monday
The Bangles
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Ate k, ano ba ang true love?
~ Anonymous


I let this message stayed in my inbox untouched for hours because I needed to think about this. But here’s my answer:

True love is when your mother is already sleepy in the middle of the night but then you as a baby cried so she stayed awake until you fall asleep. True love is when your father works hard for you everyday so you could eat and go to school even if he doesn’t like his job. True love is when you do things that might be painful for you for the sake of the person you love. True love makes you patient, kind, gentle and fair. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world. But I guess the real meaning of love is God and I don’t doubt that.

:”3 Cutiepie. 

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego


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"Why would anyone want to be married without having God as a partner? I can’t imagine facing the challenges of marriage without the hope of God to lift up my eyes when I’m discouraged and the conviction of God to open my eyes when I’m blind to my own sin. Since marriage is something you make, and since marriage is going to be difficult, I’d want to marry someone who knows how to pray, who practices prayer, and who is growing in prayer."

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like a mockingjay

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